Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Two Year Old Saves My Life

So this week has been filled with nothing but the same from last week... SICK SICK SICK. Ethan has some other cold that brought back the asthma. Did you know that it is really hard to hold an 18 month old down, put a mask on his face, hold it there for 6 breaths, and expect the inhaler to actually work? So we were in the doctors office 3 times last week. But, today we went to the allergist to have him tested for more food allergies. Praise God that he doesn't have anymore than the egg and slight allergy to tree nuts. Nothing is life threatening.

Dave went to the doctor yesterday because of stomach pain. It has been on going for 4 weeks now. The doctor says that there is something there but he is not sure what. The first thing they did is get blood work done. Then, he has to take a prescription for two weeks (just in case it is stomach problems). He also has another appointment in two weeks.

My foot is just getting better. For family who doesn't know, I got stung by a bee in Mom and Dad's garden. It was my own fault for wearing flip flops out in the garden. I had a reaction to it and my foot was swollen for a couple of days. A week later, my foot itched so bad! I was at my friend's house and was asking her about it. I thought it was athletics foot or something. We were celebrating my friend's son's 2nd birthday. While he was outside playing he got stung by a bee. So we were trying to see what we could give him to help with the pain by reading the manual that the clinic gives parents. My friend said, "Jen, I think you need to call the doctor right now. I think your bee sting is infected." Joanne says that if it wasn't for Jonathan getting stung by a bee I would of still been treating my foot for athletics foot and died." All I have to say is that kid is so awesome. For the record, he was more brave than I was when I got stung.


Kate said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Ethan is sick again! :( That is never any fun......but I do love the project you posted! Can't wait for your Etsy site to open!!

Rebecca Grinder said...

Jen - love the new blog look and LOVE the picture on the banner that Dave took! One of my new favorites! I also love the picture you found of Nanna and Grandpa. It is perfect since it is casual and they are too cute!

We all know that Johnathan is a trooper and that you are a big baby. hehe ...kidding