Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ducks, Bread, and a Nature Walk

Becca laughed today when I told her that we are so done with apples. Dave laughed when I said that we were started our "new unit" today. Hey, once a teacher, always a teacher.

Since the new season has arrived, I can't help but get excited all over again. This year will be Ethan's first pumpkin patch, leaf kickin', hot cocoa drinkin' autumn! For the next couple of weeks we will be looking at leaves and Fall. Today we started our morning with a nature walk. We usually take our daily walk down to the lake to feed the ducks, but today we made a stop first. On the way we stopped on a trail and I got Ethan out to collect "treasures" for our bucket. At first, all he was collecting were rocks. Well, we were standing on gravel! I took him over to some trees and showed him the fallen leaves. He then said, "Wow!" and began his hunt. He did a pretty good job although we still got quite a bit of gravel. At one point he found a huge rock and started to try and put it in the bucket. I laughed because he was picking it up while struggling! I finally convinced him it was too big for the bucket!

I loaded him in the stroller to head down to feed the ducks. As we arrived, I couldn't see any of the ducks anywhere. Ethan must of sensed it too because he started to yell, "DUCKS! DUCKS! BREAD! BREAD!" I started to laugh - but then I heard quacking! I turn ahead and there they were running toward us in single file line, all quacking as if to say, "We are here!" I got Ethan out and heard the rest of the ducks climbing out of the water all quacking too. I felt a little bad since we only brought two pieces of bread, since we didn't have any old bread to bring along. Well, actually only one and a half. Ethan tends to eat more than he throws.

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