Friday, September 19, 2008

Ornament Class Update!

Sarah and Becca just left with their finished ornaments! I think they did a great!. It being Sarah's first mixed media ornament she did an amazing job. I hope she had a good experience to write about for her paper.

Sarah didn't know that a requirement for this project was to cut her finger nails to stubs before she came. I never have a problem with ribbon, jump rings, or small gems because I have no nails... (I hope I don't get points deducted for that on the paper...)
Becca's lil' man is so cute! Can't wait to see him on her tree... (sigh...)

Look at Sarah's! Wow... Barbara, aren't you impressed? If you want to help me get more brownie points on the paper, leave a comment and tell Sarah what a great job she did! :)


Tammy said...

I love those ornaments....and love the It's a Wonderful Life reference too, how fitting! How is the picture on there? or is it on the inside?

Jennifer Evans said...

The paint is inside and the pictures/words on the outside. It really is awesome when held up to the light. The light shines throught the paint. I just got some new fairy images just for you Tammy! I made the girls make their own "angels." They had to learn how to cut + paste. :)

Patten Family said...

I Love them! I think they are so cute! I could pick those hands and long nails out of a crowd though : ) I don't remember very many times when Sarah didn't have long nails : ) AWESOME JOB!

Anonymous said...

As you know I snagged one of my finger nails on my sheets the other day to the point of bleeding. Today I had to cut it almost to the quick because it was ripping. Worst of all I also had to cut my long left thumb nail because it got a snag too. I'm only sorry it didn't get a snag in it Friday morning, I might of had an easier time with that project. : )

Anonymous said...

Sarah, you did a great job! You too, Becca! Way to go, Jen, for being such a good instructor!
- Barb