Saturday, September 27, 2008

Signing Time and Willamette Valley Down Syndrome Association

What an amazing time we had last night! The Willamette Valley Down Syndrome Association ( put on a Signing Time concert at Morning Star Community Church. While we were sitting waiting for the show to start, one of the leaders of the association came up to us and asked us if we were a part of the press. Of course we kind of stand out with our camera sitting next to us. We explained that we were just there as a family. I thought they were going to ask us not to take pictures, but it was the exact opposite! The foundation wanted us to take pictures for them and for Signing Time! Dave was able to walk as close as he wanted and take pictures. As we looked around it was amazing to see all the children with special needs there signing. It really pulled on my heart. We are so thankful to have a child that doesn't have special needs... but I was thinking that if I did have a child with special needs what a blessing it would be to have a door open for my child with ASL. To be able to communicate with your child, no matter what the age or what the disability is indescribable. I know that when I taught, the preschoolers responded to sign and those that I worked with with autism - well, there is no way I can describe the way ASL helped them and me communicate. At the concert, there were children there in wheel chairs unable to talk verbally but able to sing along in sign. It was truly a wonderful and unforgettable experience.
I was thankful that Becca came because the concert started at Ethan's bedtime! So, needless to say he was tired. But every time Rachel started to sing, he sat up, sang, and signed. It was great!

Afterwards, we were able to meet Rachel and get photos with her. We even got an autographed photo and the WVDSA gave us a free video for helping them out! It was so nice of them; they said that we were an answer to prayer. It felt good to do something good for someone else. (I will post more photos when Dave gets them edited and rotated) Plus, keep looking at Signing Time's blog for pictures at

Ethan loved Rachel's tape on her fingers.

I love how the photo is right next to the restrooms! Ha!

The only way to take a photo of Ethan when he is tired. :)

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