Thursday, December 10, 2009

December Daily: Day 10

Today was The Polar Express Day. We got to wear our pajamas all day. It was so cold today that it was good to wear my robe through out today. We did our other activities first, including riding on a "donkey" to the stable (aka. small table with table cloth over it with stuffed animals underneath). That little rocking horse is hard to move across carpet. I wonder if Joseph ever had to push the donkey from behind.

After our Spanish Bingo, Number 2 game, snack, and Story Time (guess what we read?) it was finally time! Ethan grabbed his ticket and "climbed aboard" The Polar Express (or our 25 year old sofa). Not before I captured some photos of Ethan staring at his ticket for quite some time. We drank hot cocoa and had our tickets punched when the children did. It was a great time!

I waited to do this day later in the month since I wanted Ethan to know what Christmas is truly about! We also talk about Santa or Saint Nicholas with several books about what history has told us about Saint Nicholas.

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Kate said...

oh man...The Polar Express...I've seen that movie SO MANY times!!