Saturday, December 26, 2009

December Daily: December 24

We were going to go to Mom and Dad's tonight to drive around and look at Christmas lights. But Mom and Dad had way too many cookies to frost. So, they said we could do it on Christmas.

I was a little disappointed since I was looking forward to it all week. I wanted to do something special for the day but didn't know what. So, I started looking up family genealogy stuff online. Dave claimed he was "bored" and went into the bathroom. I heard a racket in there and you should of seen what I saw. He was cleaning the medicine cabinet! I was so upset that he was cleaning the medicine cabinet on Christmas Eve! I have to admit that it looks really good though.

Dave said that I needed to clean out my jewelry since it was taking over my side of the cabinet. Although I wasn't sure why, since it is my side. But, I found my necklace from my grandmother. I haven't worn it in almost ten years since Nanna passed away. Grandpa gave it to me when I was visiting for her funeral. The clasp was broken when I got it and I never took it in to get replaced. I hopped upstairs and fixed it with another clasp and placed it on my neck with a couple of my other new pieces that I have soldered recently. I felt very "vintage" and like some of the mixed media jewelry artists that I follow online. ;) It was like an early Christmas present. I will have to have Dave take a picture.

Later, Dave was talking to John on the phone and he asked him what they were doing for Christmas Eve. They were going to watch "It's a Wonderful Life" and that gave me an idea! I don't own that movie (or many Christmas classics) but I have "Holiday Inn" which is my favorite! So I put that in the DVD player and enjoyed watching Bing and Fred fight over the same two girls. ;) Ethan liked the movie and was spinning around the house during every number. I was content that I got to do something "Christmas-y."

Dave gave me a hard time about loving classic movies and not even owning "It's a Wonderful Life" or "White Christmas." Yeah, I have to agree with him that I need these movies for sure. ;)

At bedtime, Dave read the Christmas story from the Bible and we let Ethan open the present that Sandy, our neighbor, left for him earlier in the week. She gave him a puzzle and a Mater truck from the movie Cars. She has been over to our house and has seen him play with his collection of cars from that movie. She really paid attention to what he liked... so sweet.

Dave and I stayed up watching a movie and going to bed ready for Christmas...

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Rebecca Grinder said...

it has come up in conversation that you led us in anticipation of 25 days of Dec - Christmas - and then left us hanging at the end with no closure. We need closure! XOXO