Thursday, December 10, 2009

December Daily: Day 6

Today was so much fun, even though I forgot to bring the camera! Today at church, I forgot to turn off my phone. So, right in the middle of announcements, Dave is talking in the microphone and my phone rings! I caught it really quick, but everyone started laughing and Dave cracked a joke about his wife leaving her phone on in church. Then a minute later everyone laughs again when the phone makes noise letting me know I have a voice mail. During the prayer, I turned it off. It was just Lisa calling to let me know that the birthday party was at 2pm.

After service was the church potluck and it was fun to sit with friends and chat. Ethan was able to eat a bit. After having a mouth full of apple he decided he didn't want to swallow it. Dave let him spit it out in his hand and Dave put it on his plate. About fifteen minutes later, Dave screams out! He forgot about the apple and thought it was stuffing and ATE it! Ha! I laughed so hard. So did everyone at our table since they all say Ethan spit it out in the first place!

After the potluck, we went to the birthday party for Lisa and Jeremy. The whole family was there (besides Mom, Jessica and Heather). It was a blessing to see Jeremy so happy. It was a really good time. We had the party at Mom and Dad so that Dave's allergies wouldn't bother him with the animals at Lisa's house. Jeremy and John worked on Jeremy's new army that he is going to paint. I enjoyed watching them do it together.

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Jessica Gray said...

Aww man I was counting on YOU to take some pictures:( Ha ha that is SO FUNNY about David eating Ethan's second hand gross but hilarious!