Saturday, December 19, 2009

December Daily: Day 19

Becca picked Ethan and me up at 9am so that I could decorate the church for tomorrow's program. I loaded up her entire car with stuff for the program (I am so thankful that they have a large car)! On the way to the church, Ethan asked for "music please" because he knows that Auntie always has the VBS cd in her car. So we sang all the way there! I unloaded, kissed Ethan good-bye, and the fun began!

The church parking lot was full because over 30 people were there to help set up! There were more people there setting up than we have ever had helping in children's ministry! It was such a blessing. I wish I wasn't the one directing everyone; it would have been fun to decorate a booth myself. But, I had sketched each booth out and everyone decorated like the sketch so it was amazing to see my designs come to life. Everyone worked hard and by 12:30pm exactly, we were finished. I couldn't believe that the schedule went as planned too! We had a delicious lunch prepared by two volunteers who brought soups in crockpots. I brought bread, salad, and juice. Then to top it off two women made dessert to eat too! It hit the spot after a long morning working.

Then, everyone wanted to walk through the church to see everyone's booths for the program. It was perfect. I got to see everyone's excitement and joy at each station. I think each person felt like it was their space after decorating it. I am so thankful for each one of them.

Dave got off work and came and picked me up from church. Dear Pam stayed with me so I wouldn't have to stay in the building alone. It was nice to chat with an adult for a while.

Dave had met Josh and Becca in town and Ethan was now asleep in the backseat of the car. You know that deep sleep where his head dangles in front of his body. He slept the whole way back to town to get my car back from Dave's friend! His friend fixed it in one day. I can't believe I have my car back and before Christmas! I am so blessed!

We had a good dinner that Dave prepared (of course) and then Ethan got to watch his new Veggie Tales movie that Josh picked out for him for Christmas. Ethan now is singing the songs and bouncing like a vegetable. It is so cute.

Then at bedtime, I told Ethan that he could pick the Christmas story for the night. He picked "Silent Night" and he read each page by himself! It is his first full book that he has read without my asking! It was cute because he tried to sing it too. Dave and I beamed because he made us both so proud! We were so shocked that he did it that we were quiet through the entire story. Afterwards we both clapped and so Ethan dropped the book and laughed clapping too. That sweet boy...

Days like today are beautiful. Lovely. I feel like I am floating on a cloud. I am so blessed and so thankful.

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