Saturday, December 5, 2009

December Daily: Day 5

Well, today started out wonderful! I ate breakfast reading today's 12 Tags of Christmas and I found out that I won one of the prizes given away today! Talk about super excited; I mean there were 3317 comments on yesterday's post!!

Becca and Josh came over to take Ethan and I to town. It was a nice surprise and well needed since we have been home-bound for a week. Josh took us to a local scrapbook store that announced this week that they were closing their doors. So, we went and said our good-byes.

After lunch and the mall, we took Ethan to a local park and had him burn off all the energy he had stored up for the last week! It was cold but a good time. We met Dave afterwards on his way home from work and went home together as a family. What a blessed day!

Becca took these pictures and I was able to edit them tonight! Thanks Becca!


Rebecca Grinder said...

thanks for the best day! I showed Josh the pics on your blog and he said they were great except he could tell that the picture of Ethan on the swing had a fake sun spot. heheheh... so proud of myself and my little point and shoot. It took 20 some tries to get that REAL sun spot!

Kate said...

what are those odd things on your hands and feet?!? heh..heh..

thank the sweet Lord for parks!! seriously, they can be a Mom's best friend!!