Friday, December 18, 2009

December Daily: Days 17 & 18

Yesterday the camera was off limits! Dave had to photograph Cascade View's Kindergarten Christmas Program. Too bad he used Lynn's cards because now I have no pictures of the program for my December Daily. He did get "baby Jesus" photos since the baby was only two weeks old. But, I can't very well put someone's baby (that I don't even know) in the album. I just wanted a good picture of Ben (our worship leader) dressed as Joseph. Or maybe the stable? Just something, I guess...

Today, I was excited to get the tripod out and take some photos of Ethan and me in front of the tree. But, we got a call that a buyer wanted to look at the house at 3pm. It was 10am and I said yes while I looked at my kitchen FILLED with every item I could find for the decorating party tomorrow. I mean, I had every flower-silk-something-decoration on my table. Including 100 paper money bags and 100 wreath strands hanging from my crown molding! I realized I had everything ready for tomorrow and since I threw the list away (why would I need it anymore?) I would have to remember what I needed all over again tonight. I about had a nervous breakdown and then realized that God has a bigger plan. I am praying that this buyer will buy our house. So, I got busy. I didn't stop. I got everything put away where it belonged.

Dave came home and took us to Toys-R-Us. Ethan deserved it after staying cooped up today with a cleaning freak of a mom! We drove home and I began getting all the supplies ready to go again.

Tomorrow is the big day! We decorate the church and Sunday night is the program. I am praying that families and children will get to know what the true meaning of Christmas is all about! I am looking forward to the fun tomorrow!

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Jessica Gray said...

I am so excited about the Christmas Program too! the kids will be there and so will my neice! I will keep your house in our prayers for sure! Love you and see you in a few days!