Friday, December 4, 2009

December Daily: Day 3

Today was one day in a million. School that was three of us is now going to be two again. It was hard to explain to Ethan but I think it will take time for him to understand. He did notice that he got Mom all to himself again and maybe that's what he needed. It was the first good day in probably six months. Throughout the day he did the games, calendar, pledges, and it was the first time he sang the songs with me. It was priceless...

We painted Bethlehem cities with blocks and sprayed white paint with a toothbrush to make the stars. We read a story about Christ's birth. We took a walk in the stroller all bundled up to the library (since my car has been broken for a month). We snuggled during rest time watching a movie about Christmas. Ethan made all his Christmas presents for the family. He made two Christmas cards and I made five. In fact, we had such a blast that I didn't get a photo at all.

It was Ethan's first day taking a day off the Christmas chain, so I will use that picture when I get it. ;)

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