Saturday, December 26, 2009

December Daily: Day 23

We couldn't wait for Dave to get off from work at 2pm since then it would start his vacation! I think this will be the first time that he has ever had Christmas Eve and New Years off! What a wonderful time of year to spend with family.

To make the time pass away faster, Ethan and I filled the stocking that was returned to him. I recently saw on a scrapbooking blog about leaving random acts of kindness gifts around town with a little tag hanging from the gift saying "If you find this, Merry Christmas! No strings attached."

So, I had Ethan fill the stocking with oranges, a few more golden coins, and goodies from our One Bright Spot shop. We then went to the post office, since that's as far as I can go with out my car heating up again. It was really cold today but that didn't stop us from leaving some Christmas love! We placed the stocking in a corner of the post office and then went and gave Diane, the Postmaster, our gift. She was really thankful. I gave her a mug with some of my photographs on it of Molly Mo's antique faire. Going back out to the car Ethan kept yelling, "There's the stocking!" Oh well... we tried to be discreet.

We got back home and Ethan was playing so well by himself that I sat in the same room with him digital scrapbooking on the laptop. I went on Facebook and posted some of the layouts when I noticed a message. It said, "Are you the one that left the stocking at the p.o.? If so, my daughter says thank you!" I guess they must of found our business address in the stocking, found my blog, and found my Facebook badge from there. It was cool to make someone's day.

When Dave got home we all did the vacation dance in the kitchen. It is quite a moment when we jump up and down, holding hands in a circle, yelling, "Vacation! Vacation!"

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Kate said...

we did the same dance when Jared's 2 week break started on the's been fabulous! enjoy!