Monday, December 21, 2009

December Daily: Day 20 (Part Two)

So yesterday was one of the best days I can remember in a long while! We started the morning by going to church. We were able to drive to church in my car; I am so thankful! Afterwards, when we pulled into our driveway, we could see from the car that the stocking that we dropped off earlier in the week was back on our doorstep, filled again! Ethan yelled out, "Saint Nicholas was here!" So, Ethan brought the stocking inside and we got to watch him open it up. It was so awesome to see him so excited about the fruit.

There was a card inside the stocking that read, "We didn't miss the moment of you teaching Ethan how to share! You are great parents and wonderful neighbors. God bless you, the Launders Family"

I started to cry when I read the card... I was touched. It means a lot to me to see Ethan learning how to show love to others. Then, for it to come right back around to him in the same week. He really understood what it meant to show God's love and kindness. Then, two hours later, our other neighbor knocked on our door and gave us a gift bag filled with baked goodies! Look! This didn't happen last year. See how just showing kindness and love becomes contagious?! Totally awesome! We aren't going to keep the stocking. We are going to fill it again and give it out this week. It shouldn't just stop at us, right? God's love needs to be shared again and again...

We were able to relax at home for the afternoon. I then got dressed in my tunic and wreath headpiece and headed out to Becca's to borrow some shoes for "The Night in Bethlehem." It was so funny when I rang the door bell and Sarah answered. She said, "I didn't know who it was! All I could see is green leaves through the window!" Sarah let me borrow some white Crocs to wear with my white gown. I have to say that I was cute! ;) I got to the church in time for everyone to start arriving. Everyone was so excited and it all looked great! Guests started arriving early and so I tried my best to pray and the festivities began! Tammy, Barb, Jessica, and the kids were all there! I was so proud to see my family all together doing the activities. My favorite picture is the one below with everyone there (you can even see Barb's coat on the right even!)


Dave said Ethan had a blast. I could see that he was excited... he was all over the place! I love this picture. It is right before Ethan picked up the clay and put it in his mouth. (Add that one to the list-of-things-that-you-tell-Ethan-to-get-out-of-his-mouth).

At the candy shop, Ethan couldn't eat anything that was made. So, I brought in a Kit Kat so that Sherrill could give it to him when he came to visit her.

Ethan sat down on the haystack to relax by the faux fire to eat his treat. Dave said that it took about a minute after eating it for the sugar to kick in and he was off like a rocket! Dave said it was hard to get him to go to many stations after that.

Since I was taking photos of the event, I got to see Korissa making her wreath with Tammy. Man, I love that girl!

I wish I could post more pictures of the event. It was so amazing and such a blessing. Dave and Ethan left before worship started. I am sure you can guess why... It was short and sweet (of course cause we had loads of kids ready for bed!). I have never done a program that was stress free, as much fun, and blessed like this one. I hope that Cascade View makes this a new tradition!

This being my last event for Children's Ministries at Cascade View, it meant a lot that those that came were blessed. God has been good this year and I am grateful for having a chance to serve to make an impact for God in children's lives. But, the best feeling, was the one I had when I saw my family impacted by their experiences last night. I would do it all again even if it was just for them...


Matthew said...

Wow, Jen! That was an amazing couple of days for you!!! I am so happy the program went well. We prayed it would. Of course, when I read about the stocking coming back to your house filled for Ethan to see, that made me cry... I still am!! What a wonderful idea to fill it again and take it somewhere else! It gives me an idea for us for Christmas... maybe we can buy some Baklava and give it to a couple of families we know here... Maybe we can do it Christmas morning. Anyhow, thanks for allowing God to move in and through you. I know He is proud!

Rebecca Grinder said...

I am crying and crying... so touched! Like I said before, was a wonderful moment w/the stockings. Plus, even though we weren't there, your event at the church opened conversation at our dinner party - what a blessing!

Tammy said...

It was a wonderful time, the kids had a blast, well, us adults had a blast too. You did look FANTASTIC in your toga :)